13 July 2008

hello, blogspot!

So, I've spent the last week or so setting up shop at Etsy.com, and am now happy to say that I have a blogspot to document everything & anything craft related! Yee!

My journey with Etsy.com began with a few purchases a couple months back - and I've returned with my own shop in hopes to sell a couple of pieces & hopefully inspire a couple others!

But before I get carried away (because, trust, I'm very capable of doing so), let's backtrack a bit so you can understand a little more about me and my endeavors.


Growing up, I've always shared a love for arts & crafts. I remember being a sheltered little kid in my hometown neighborhood - my mama (who I love dearly) was a wee bit overprotective at the time & didn't let me out of the house very much afterschool. I can't really blame her because I know it came out of wanting to protective me from the "dangerous world outdoors," but at the same time, it limited my activities & ability to play outside with the other kids. Now, I don't call it "limiting" because, if anything, it helped me become more creative, I'd like to think, in how I spent my free time (because back then, we had so much of it!).

I was like any other ordinary, typical girl: played with my Barbies (who married trolls, because I didn't have Kens), reinacted imaginary settings ("playing house," pretending to have a restaurant, etc.), and begged my mother to buy me craft books so I could make frog door stoppers out of cartons and mini bean bags assorted in random fabric and filled with rice (uncooked, of course). OK, so maybe the latter wasn't so typical... but it obviously didn't end there.

In high school, I joined the yearbook squad (yay for geeky yearbook staffers!) & it fueled my love for digital design and page layouts. This soon spread into random high school projects for English class (I often designed over-the-top front covers for my English papers - very unnecessary, but it was my favorite part about turning it in). And then college hit. It wasn't so much the university, but actually living in my own apartment that harbored all these new ideas and projects that soon, our empty white apartment became adorned with random do-it-yourself furniture pieces. Ironically, I'm now in the process of moving out of my apartment after a loyal three years in "The Love Boat" (name of my apartment).

As I'm transitioning with a move back to Diamond Bar (where my parents live), I've also taken up two more obsessions: my upcoming independent wedding favors business with my sister, and selling my canvas paintings at Etsy.com.


There is reason to how I got involved with both - but I will continue this "introduction" post at a later time. My sister's guppys just had babies - THIRTY-SOMETHING babies. So, I'm off!

Leave me comments & feedback. And while I suit up for my next post, check out my Etsy shop: http://www.steppie.etsy.com!

En Rouge Designs

3 xoxo's:

Kristen said...

Nice Blog! Love your shop too, my favorite is your Chillin birds on canvas :)

corsage said...

Inspiring that you're living your dreams! :)

Janet Campbell said...

Congratulations on your new blog! Looks great! Saw you on Etsy.