10 August 2008

ACEO obsession.

Woo - it's been a while.

The week's been crazy busy with my dad's Khmer Navy Reunion on top of many projects that I've been working on! I've recently been experimenting with greeting cards ("OH DEER!"), but we'll talk more about that next time!

What I wanted to talk about today?

So for those that are curious...
ACEO stands for "Art Cards, Editions and Originals." Basically, they are miniature works of art the size of a trading or playing card (2.5" x 3.5"). They are an inexpensive way to purchase my artwork - and a new obsession hitting Etsy!

What do you do with my ACEOs?
Collect them, display them (in albums, frames, books), trade them, give them as gifts, use them as bookmarks, decorate your walls, and who knows what else!

There quite a bit of ACEO collectors on Etsy, but I've recently jumped on the band wagon. Actually, I just recently got accepted into the ACEO team on Etsy! You can visit them on Yahoo! Groups here: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/EtsyACEO/!


Most of my ACEOs are reproductions of the originals in my shop, but a few are originals themselves! Here are a few of them:

"Sitting in a Tree" (original on cork!)
"Chillin" (original with inks)

All ACEOs are carefully packaged in a super-clear acid-free ACEO sleeve to keep it protected and happy!

"Giraffe Silhouette" (shown in ACEO sleeves)


I hope you like what you see!
Leave comments with suggestions for future ACEO creations!

In addition, I've been meaning to start my own ACEO collection soon - comment with links to your (or your favorite) ACEOs!

'Til next time - happy blogging!


4 xoxo's:

Ann said...

Very cool!

I'm going to start doing some ACEOs in the near future. I also want to start collecting some myself. I used to make some for fun, but they were collage. I'm not doing that anymore. I blogged about it once.

I can't wait to see more of yours and i am so glad you are making aceos of some of my steppie favorites.

ragamufyn said...

oh those are so adorable!

love the whale and the giraffe!


PurrPrints said...

Yeah I've recently become obsessed with aceos too--i really like your giraffe and modern bird ones--if you ever want to do an aceo trade let me know :) (my etsy page is purrprints.etsy.com)

Ashley said...

Happy Monday! I love the "Chillin". That's too cute!