20 October 2008

custom "designs by steppie" stamps!

Although "Designs by Steppie" has only been open for a couple of months on Etsy, I've been taking steps everyday to work on my business identity, and from the beginning created a logo design that was splashed all over my Etsy shop, my banner, my avatar, and even on my business cards.

With a craft boutique I attended a couple weeks back, I made things a bit more official by getting custom logo stickers made. I put these on all my items, and it really did make a difference to keep my shop cohesive and professional.

It was only time until I took the next step for my business... and as small as it may seem, it was an exciting and impactful one for me: I got custom "Designs by Steppie" stamps made!

Don't they look beautiful?

I did a wee bit of research and with a lot of great recommendations from fellow Etsy sellers on the forums, found my way onto terbearco's shop! She was so gracious in making sure I got my stamps exactly how I wanted them, and an added bonus: the prices were definitely affordable!

Both designed by yours truly, I sent these two designs her way with the added knowledge that I was hoping to receive them as soon as I could as I had a few craft shows coming up, and to my delight she was happy to rush my order and I received them in just a week!

"Designs by Steppie" Custom Stamp (Full logo)

This was my first attempt at using the stamp!
I struggled a bit to get it just the way I wanted, but just like
terbearco had warned, it would take a wee bit of practice
to understand how to use them to get the best results.
It really is an art! But it took me a couple tries, and I've mastered it!

"Designs by Steppie" Custom Stamp (URL)

While I love my full logo, this stamp with just my URL
will come in great handy to stamp the backs of my
canvases, greeting cards and Moleskine journals!

After receiving my stamps in the mail, I immediately started stamping anything and everything I could find! I had little baggies that I placed my Moleskines in and other sold items into after I made a sale at my last show, but didn't have any nice stamps to decorate them with... until now!

Rows of stamped baggies!

And then I spent another good hour stamping about 70-80 cardboard backings for my prints! Yes, finally! I love the way they turned out and they definitely add a personal and professional touch to my prints!

"I Am A Ninja" Prints
with stamped logo on cardboard backing!

You can find my other prints here.

So, all in all - I am a VERY satisfied customer! If you're in need of some custom stamps, I highly recommend terbearco! She has been a wonderful person to work with and there for me every step of the way! Take a look around her shop here.

Leave me comments - let me know what you think of my new stamps!


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Fishstikks said...

I think your stamps turned out VERY well! I really love the way they look and I adore how you are using them too.
Great blog!

Megan Baehr said...

THAT'S AWESOME! :-O They're beautiful! What a great idea!

SewMuchDetail said...

Love love love your stamps!! Congrats too, I know you are excited about them. They look great! Thanks for visiting my blog too!

Crafty Mama said...

So cool! I love that little ninja, too.

Mel said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Terbear's stamps! I had a little bit of a hard time at first too, but eventually got the hang of it. They look great, I love em!

emily said...

Love this! They look great. We'll be bookmarking this for later!

Megan said...

Those stamps are gorgeous! I really love the URL stamp.

Ruby Rose said...

The stamp is a wonderful idea. I was going to have stickers made but with a stamp I can "brand" everything! Your stamp is beautiful. Thanks for sharing!!!

Mayhem said...

Your stamps look beautiful...I've really been thinking about getting some of my own too. You make a compelling case for stamps :)

Love Retro Colour said...

Love your new stamps! :-)

By the way, thanks for tagging me. you can click on my blog name to read it. :-)

Jennifer Ramos said...

Great JOB! I love the stamp...its a good touch. : )

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'

loosey goosey said...

your stamps look sooo good!!! [: