24 October 2008

"designs by steppie" giveaway contest!



Watch the Indie5 Collective video below to find out how to
participate & to see what goodies are up for grabs!


>> Link to my Etsy Shop HERE! <<



(1) Your choice of a 5-pack of "I Heart Whale" or "Chillin" postcards!

(2) Your choice of any ACEO from my shop!

(3) Your choice of any adorable BUTTON from my shop!

Yup - all of that for a lucky participant picked at random!


What do you have to lose?
Absolutely nothing!

So, what do you do now?
1. Watch the Indie5 video!
2. Follow the directions from the video!
3. Wait until NOVEMBER 5th to see if you are the lucky winner!

Have fun! :)


39 xoxo's:

Always Amy said...

The Indie 5 sent me over to look at your shop & give away! Wow! I hadn't seen you before & I'm going to go back & heart you up!!!

I love, love, love, this 'I am Ninja' tote bag! So cute! So deadly! So ninja!


Keep up the fantastic work!

idi0singularity said...

The Indie 5 sent me over to look at your shop & give away!

I heart the bird tote bag :D

feelgoodnation said...

Indie 5 sent me! : )
I love all your bird motifs, especially 'Chillin' and 'Gossip' b/c of the titles. : ) Too fun! And I love the Bunny Love cards.
This is a great contest. I hope you get lots of traffic!

Caroline said...

INDIE 5 SENT ME! :D HIIIIIIIIIII i lovee steppie's designs! :D


my favorite item from your shop would definitely be the "i am a NINJA - Large Tote Bag (Hand Painted)"

thank you so much you rock =D

~Kimberly said...

Saw your thread on etsy, watched the video..and love your I 'heart' Giraffe items! Too adorable!


Laura said...

Indie sent me!
My favorite item is your i heart panda button!


ana carina said...

Oohhh I live the Penguin Greeting Cards! They're so cute!!

The video is awesome too :)


Fernanda said...

Hey! I saw the video and want to participate!

I love the Oh Deer Moleskine Cahier, amongst many other things.
I'd really love it if it wasn't ruled paper though. :(

Anyways, here's my email: pompberry@gmail.com

and my etsy:

thanks a bunch

KiWi said...

Indie 5 Sent me.

You know I'd go with the ninja bag.


Mayhem said...

I love your blog...I love your stuff. I love this giveaway!

♥My favorite item from your shop is the Porcupine Greeting Card - he's just so cute♥


mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

Indie 5 sent me to your blog! And OMG! Im so glad they did! I love your items in your shop! I love moleskins & i simply love Flight (Intersections) - Moleskine Cahier Journal (Large, Ruled)! Beautiful work..


Hui Shan said...

Indie 5 told me to come to your blog too..

And i simply adore
Bird Talk - Large Tote Bag (Hand Painted)! I love roomy & functional bags. Yours is one such example.. Keep it up!

Hui Shan

Crystal said...

Indie 5 has sent so many of us & im one of them! WHOO! I Heart Panda - ACEO (Print)is such a CUTE print. You're so talented. It's hard for anyone not to fall in love with your stuff..


Hyla Waldron said...

Ok Favorites are the I am Ninja design
The I <3 Whales Design and
the the Panda Bear design!

Too Cute!

Maybeads said...

Hi Steppie! Just saw your post in the chatroom and I watched Buttonhead's video. She's awesome! Your artwork is fantastic -- I've long been a fan. My favorite is Bunny Love.

Chelsey said...

Indie 5 sent me over! I love the Panda face bag! So sweet...
Thanks for the giveaway!

ELLIE said...

I love it all - but especially the i heart giraffe print and all those cute buttons - I just could not pick one thing - so so cute!!!
thanks for having this give away

Marigold said...

Indie 5 sent me! And it was pretty much the cutest thing ever. Seriously.

Your shop is truly littered with lovelies, but my favorite would have to be the Serene Escape (in aqua) painting. It's so dynamic! I would love to have it on my all-too-white walls.


jacqueline said...

Hieee Steppie,

Thank you for coming over to knock at my bubble space :) and also thank you for letting me know about this cuteee giveaway.

I love all the items in your shop but most of all i heart Penguin Greeting Card!

Thanks for having this give away.
Hearted you on Etsy. n____n

Have a great weekend.

Ann said...

well, i think you already know i'm a fan of everything you make. my all time favorite is the ninja painting. too cute.

i love that video that indie 5 made, too.

Kristin Wynder said...

Indie 5 sent me over to your shop and I love your stuff! You artwork is so fun. I like the Bird Talk - Large Tote Bag (Hand Painted). Your giveaway items are so cute and I would love to win them!


Super cool video!
As a steppie stuff owner I know she rocks
I love this sooo much
Serene Escape (in aqua) - Acrylic on Canvas (two 16x20)

Anyone that wins is going to love their stuff

Tessia said...

Indie 5 sent me for the contest!

i already told you i love your panda face design and am patiently waiting for it to be on a tshirt.

it doesnt hurt to tell you again!!
i love your panda face design :D


sonrie said...

Indie 5 sent me! I love the post cards, greeting cards, ACEOs...love all the designs!

Catherine said...

Man, I am so bad at picking favorites - you've got the cutest goodies!

I'm picking two. :) I'm loving:

Bird Talk - Matted and Framed Print


the Ninja tote


Laura said...

Indie 5 sent me! So cool to do the video!

I love the ACEO elephant AND the panda face!

lauraguthrie at gmail dot com

Inu Inspirations said...

I love your penguin cards! The ones that say I kind of like you... A lot!
They are so cute!


CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

I'm here way of Indie 5.

Anything Penguin's has my vote and the I Heart Giraffe's is pretty darn cute, too!

Contact me via Etsy @ CurlyfrySC if I win. Thanks.

crystal said...

I saw the Indie 5 video..Cool!!
I love the cute little love bunnys called Bunny Love (Blue, Pink) - Original Mixed Media Painting (8x8)
Bunny Love (Blue, Pink) - Original Mixed Media Painting (8x8):)


Andy said...

i like the new bunny stuff, also love the ninja things... basically i'm in love with your shop and envy you from when i found out til now!!! okay see you the holiday shiz =] ciao

I WIN!!!

kelseycliche said...

Hi! I saw a comment of yours on Stelabird's blog and moseyed over. I really like your work!

It's tough to pick a favorite, but I really like your canvases! Especially how you make them into diptychs. The bright colors are really great, too.

I'm going to add you to follow your updates if that's okay! Hope I win the giveaway. :]

-Kelsey Cliche!

The Lil Bee said...

You have such sweet designs! I love the I Heart Whale and the deer in the woods. I'm also a big fan of anything with birds on it, so I am enjoying your whole collection here;)

wendyconradart said...

I love the bird talks tote bag. So cute!

donna444444 said...

I like the Bunny Love picture.

Jen said...

I am so glad to have found this shop! Adorable! I love anything whale! Who am I kidding...I love it all!
-10oneworld on etsy

Mel said...

Indie 5 sent me over..

I love Bunny Love (Teal, Red) - Matted and Framed Print! It's a sweet print which i'll love to hang on my wall anytime.. Great stuff you have in your shop! My sis is just excited looking at your cute items..haha.

Thanks for an awesome giveaway!


AmyE said...

love the I am a ninja print - fab!

Lani Robertson said...

I love you whole shop...especially this "oh deer" journal~


such cuteness! :0


Brook said...

Just wanted to say HI and check out your blog! I am going to be selling at Handmade Brigade as well!!