22 October 2008

"designs by steppie" giveaway...?

Yup, you heard me right!

Designs by Steppie is teaming up with Indie5 Collective, a YouTube community run by and dedicated to Etsy sellers, to hold the very first Designs by Steppie GIVEAWAY CONTEST!

All it takes is a little feedback from you all, and somebody will be drawn (at random!) to win a package full of Steppie goodies -- no strings attached!

Like mentioned, the giveaway contest will be in conjunction with Indie5 Collective, who will be hosting a video dedicated to (1) showcasing the items that will be given away to a lucky participant and (2) explaining the details of the contest! This video will be live on Friday, October 24th, 2008! So, stay tuned as the date is approaching very quickly!

What's Indie5 Collective?
Well, it's a "video-zine" broadcasted through YouTube that just started a few months ago. They are close to reaching 100 subscribers, and is proving to be reaching the Etsy community as more sellers are participating in making their own videos, etc. Indie5 Collective, though it may have a good number of different video contributers, is spearheaded by the infamous Buttonhead, who will also be the artist contributor this Friday when the giveaway contest details go live on their channel!

What else does the community aim towards?
> Featuring awesome Etsy artists
> Discussing the Etsy community
> Providing Training and Tips for Indiepreneuers
> Showcasing cool handmade items
> Promoting the 'Buy Indie' lifestyle

Ali (aka Buttonhead) discussing "Conscious Consumerism"

If you like their videos, find them on YouTube
and become a subscriber!

Otherwise, stay tuned this coming Friday as the
"Designs by Steppie" Giveaway Contest,
in conjunction with Indie5 Collective, will be going LIVE!

See you then!


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