04 October 2008

feature from a youtube sensation.

So, unless you've been living under a rock, YouTube has become a venue for people all over the world... including the many indie artists and crafters we see at our very own Etsy.com. Search a little and you'll find videos showcasing short snippets of them in action or features on their current craft projects. While using YouTube as an outlet has become a growing habit of some sellers on Etsy, it is far less unfamiliar to the YouTube sensation and upcoming singer, Jennifer Chung.

I actually got the pleasure to meet the talented singer at a college mixer, where her hip hop team (MCIA) and my hip hop team (CADC) took a little time out to mingle and play. I remember walking into a room, and just hearing her belt out some notes, and I was completely stunned and amazed. From that point on, I got addicted and started looking her up on YouTube like a crazy creeper, and fell in love with her voice. But even more? She's a down-to-earth girl... genuine, friendly, and beams a light of energy that even shows through her videos.

I'm a huge fan, and you should be too.

Amazing, right?

You know what's almost as equally amazing?
She was nice enough to feature one of my "I Heart Whale" postcards in her most recent video! And even gave me a little shout out, too. Totally made my day. (:

Here's the video:

Jennifer does an AMAZING cover of Katy Perry's "Hot 'n Cold" in the beginning of the video, and after promoting her upcoming performance at Libery Live Tour 2008 at UC Irvine, then gives a few shout outs to Push Push Pull and to yours truly. (:

Watch more of her videos and become a subscriber:


Jennifer Chung, you are amazing. I hope this little post brings a few new faces to your YouTube, not like you really need it! I think we both share a wee bit in common with attending UC Irvine (well, attended, in my case), being involved in hip hop teams on campus (holla, holla!), and well... all the while, trying to chase our dreams. Keep up with what you're doing, girl... because I know things are only looking bright in your future! (:


On a side note, I spent all day researching DIY screen printing. And, well, let's just say new projects are coming soon!


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