21 November 2008

bookmark promos!

Just finished making a batch of Designs by Steppie promos to send off to the Handmade Brigade so they can be included in the goodie bags that will be given out the day of the show!

I have a couple left over so have been playing with the idea of giving them out as freebies when people make purchases at my show coming up this Sunday at the Ghettogloss Silverlake Art & Vintage show!

I've also got fabulous ideas from fellow Etsy chatters to provide a batch for the Little Black Box. I've been wanting to be apart of the Little Black Box for a while now, and this might be the best solution to give people an idea of what I do, something they can use, and a way to reach me and my shop.

I've even toyed with the idea of selling them - but don't know how well they would sell or how much people would be willing to pay for them...
What do you think?


5 xoxo's:

Tina said...

these are just the cutest! could do a "get one free if you spend $10" or something like that maybe? then at least it'd be an incentive to buy more at your shop! :)

Anonymous said...

I love those!

I think Tina's idea is great :)

Steppie said...

That's a great idea guys! Thanks! :)


The Empty Envelope said...

I want some! But I'm always losing things so I'd need more then one!!

Scarfmonsters said...

I WANTTTT! Those are so cute, great job!