07 November 2008

i haven't forgotten about you!

So, it's been a very crazy week for me. As I type this, I kind of want to pass out... but it's OK, it will all be worth it tomorrow. But before I get to that...

  1. The Giveaway Contest is officially closed! The winner will be chosen after this weekend! Why, you ask? Well, keep reading...
  2. Tomorrow I will be opening up shop at the Holiday Hotness Bazaar!

I've been working so hard this week... probably why I'm near passing out... but it will all be worth it tomorrow because I hope to see some of your faces there tomorrow! If you recognize my booth, please say hi!

So, if you're in the LA area -- please come out! There's about 40 vendors that are also participating, and it should be a great bazaar with awesome talent and awesome stuff to buy (or look at!).

I'm also quite excited for my booth display... so you can be sure that photos will be coming soon. Or, you can just come tomorrow and see it for yourself in person! (:

Happy weekend!


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Good luck I am sure you will do well!