26 November 2008

recap: ghettogloss/silverlake art show!

The long awaited photos...

I will warn you now: this is a pretty F-A-T-T-Y post.
But a good, juicy one at that!

These are a collection of photos from my debut at the Ghettogloss: Silverlake Art Craft & Vintage Show on November 23rd. It was my first outdoor show, so there were a few more things on my list to have to worry about. But I'm quite proud of how it all turned out, while also realizing the major changes I need to make before the next one!

These are some of the photos I wanted to share, but for the exclusive collection, hop on over to my this album on my Flickr account!

View of my booth from afar!

For a closer view of my table...

Who was man-ing the booth?Yours truly, of course.

And the lovely 'ole boyfriend! <3

Original art displayed on a wooden display!
While I love the organic look, I will be opting to find a new solution since the wood is just too heavy. I didn't realize nailing in push pins could be so difficult!

Display of my printed greeting cards! These bad boys were a big seller!

Holiday card packs on my awesome hand-painted, refurbished wood pieces that I found at Goodwill! Holla to improvising & finding new uses for simple finds.

Basket full of art prints, all of my original paintings.
This basket was a lot roomier by the end of the day!

"Tropical Sunset," a piece not yet in my Etsy shop.
Painting on wood pieces = Awesome.

First edition of "Tree Carvings" officially sold!
The girls who purchased this piece for a present were a delight to talk to!

Rack full of adorable, hand-painted tote bags!
These were a good crowd stopper to get people inside my booth.

Ultrapunch x Steppie Collaboration:
(Want a collabo package of your own? Contact me!)

Ultrapunch x Steppie Collaboration:
"Panda Face" plushies!
Design by me; product by Ultrapunch.

"Panda Face" scrabble tile necklaces!

You can never have enough buttons!

My little work station!
Ready to make a purchase? Cash? Credit card? Free bookmark with a $20+ purchase? And a free dumdum for anyone and everyone?
Don't worry - I got youuuu.

Handmade bookmarks!
My new promos that I decided to give away for free with bigger purchases. :) Aren't they cute?
And yes, that's a little fishbowl full of dum-dum lollipops!
One sweet little girl asked me how much these cost for her to buy one... and the look on her face when I told her it was free? Priceless.

Big ups to the boyfriend for sticking out the full 11 hour day (well, aside from the little 10 minute nap in his chair). I love you!

And I had to include our photos from our sushi dinner post-Ghettogloss... we deserved to spoil ourselves after a long, hardworking day... and boy, did those DELISH sushi rolls really finish the day off!


Can't eat sushi without a big bottle of ice cold Asahi beer. If you couldn't tell, we don't like to play games... and won't waste a drop.

Ah - long post! But definitely a good, eventful day to document! If you would like to view all of the photos, visit my Flickr album here.

I'm always looking to improve the look of my booth, and am thinking of playing around with the set-up...

And, this is where YOU come in.
I need your advice! Please comment, and let me know what you think I should do:

I keep going back and forth with the whole idea of moving the table back into the tent and using the whole space. Why? Because while it makes more sense to utilize all the space I can get, I also realize that a lot of shoppers find it more intimidating to step inside booth (as if it means you're making a commitment to make a purchase - while this shouldn't be the case, many may feel this way). BUT I do think my space would look a lot better as a walk-in shop... I can use two tables instead of one, and really make it feel like my own little "Designs by Steppie Boutique"!

What do you think? Please comment & let me know!

Thanks, loves!


6 xoxo's:

Jacqueline said...

Hey steppie! I love your booth..everything there looks so yummi! I never did any craft shows before so i can't really give any advice. >_< I love how you display your original art, your lovely cards, your necklaces and those "oh so cute" buttons! Looks like a fun day! n_n Sushi dinner to end the day is just simply perfect!

Mel said...

I like the way you had your booth! Looks great! Your new artwork is so great too, I totally love everything!

Mayhem said...

Your setup looks great! Glad to know it went well. I agree that moving things back and utilizing the full space is a good idea :)

stuys said...

congrats, babe! way cute!

oh hello friend said...

ohmigosh you remind me a lot of .. myself ;)

hahah, your set up looks amazing, great job! i am thinking of doing silverlake - i just don't want to do a 'meh' show and be stuck sitting there all day with no sales.

im glad my bf is not the only one who is willing to sit all day long at a show, yours seems sweet too! and when i did felt club a couple weekends a go, we TOTALLY treated ourselves to sushi too, haha. so great.

your stuff is so cute! i love all your design! <3

HeArt Collective said...

love love love seeing what you do!
good stuff, steppie!