01 December 2008

home holiday shopping party!

In case you didn't see my last post, this past Saturday I was apart of a Holiday Shopping Party held in Orange, CA!

And... on to the photos!

Our festive Christmas tree with hanging giveaways!
My tote bags and basket full of original artwork!

View of my table!

Pandas galore!
Now, let's take a tour around the house...

And her beautiful artwork!

Derya (Jewelera)
Derya's mother's knitting goodness!
Elsie (Namaste Designs)
Rose (My Friend Roze)

Rose's second booth (Little Corners)

(I did a lot of shopping here... can't wait for my
custom scarf and knuckle rings! Woot woot!)

What kept us munchin' all afternoon...
Cheese & crackers with a bit of red wine!

I think the most valuable thing I gained from this shindig was how important it is to not be intimidated to connect with local artisans that have familiar interests as I do. While they all specialize in their specific craft and each have a very distinct style, it was funny to realize how much we did have in common.

It's hard for many of us to stick to one thing... as we all enjoy the thrill of learning something new and challenging our creative minds. It's also nice to find comradery amongst one another. While we all have an enormous amount of support from family and friends (many who came to hang out for a bit!), there's also something special about finding people that you immediately connect with upon the simple reason that you share a similar passion... a passion for handmade, making things with our hands, and sharing our love with our craft with others.

These girls have impacted my life, are an inspiration, and are people I look up to. I just saw Rose (My Friend Roze) again at the this past Sunday's Ghettogloss Silverlake Art Show, and will be seeing Rachel (Cherry Tree Lane) and Melissa (Melissa Loschy Designs) this coming Saturday at Tall Mouse's Handmade Brigade! I'm beyond excited!

Speaking of the Ghettogloss Silverlake Flea Market, I'll be updating again soon with photos from this past Sunday! Hooray for craft show season!


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Tikko Studios said...

beautiful as always! btw silverlake looks awesome, I want to go one of these days!

design for mankind. said...

oh it's all so cute! you are fabulous! :)

SuJason25 said...

damn, that's so sick

Estela said...

Your set up looked great!

Mel said...

Awe! I HEART YOU STEPPIE!!! It's been such a pleasure to spend these times getting to know you better <3 It's so awesome to find people who share your dreams in life!