10 February 2009

flier sneak-peek & updates.

Just a little sneak-peek of the fliers
I will be handing out tomorrow at
UCI's Make-A-Wish Benefit!

"Panda Face" version:

"I Am A Ninja" version:

The designs are really simple--there's really only so much you can do when you're running this through a b&w copy machine--but take a look at the fonts used. They are actually both custom-made fonts made through a website I found through Tizzalicious: yourfonts.com!

If you're a lover of typography and anything-and-everything fonts like I am, then you'll appreciate the godliness of the site as much as I do. The first font used I actually made with stamps that I use on my greeting cards and other paper goods. And the second font is actually my hand-writing! That's right! I made my very own hand-writing into an actual font I can use on all the applications on my computer. Pretty bomb-dizzle.

I've already started a bit, but I know I'll be making more "custom" fonts and trying to get creative with it... I might even start drawing little characters to transform into a font collection. Who knows!


Anyway, I've got a pretty loaded week ahead of me:
  • { Feb 11 } -- Stop by the "Commonwealth Collective" (finally) to see the place and to drop off a little package for Louis (Tikko). Then, I'm off to Irvine for the Make-A-Wish Benefit from 5-9pm. After that's done, meeting up with Jennifer Chung to have a little late-night chit chat about future projects/collaborations -- exciting!
  • { Feb 12 } -- Kid-nap Danni (oh hello friend) from Brea and take a trip to visit the UCI Vendor Fair to do some... "research." Hopefully, you'll see us sharing a booth there someday. Fingers crossed! Then after that escapade, I'm off to Huntington to see the boyfriend and prepare for a night of hip-hop-teams-galore and maybe a bit of alcohol (cough, cough) at the "Love Lock Down" clubbing event at Level 3.
  • { Feb 13 } -- A little R&R time, but more dedicated to really pushing out some custom orders and projects before the big weekend, because...
  • { Feb 14 } -- Of course, the good 'ole Valentine's day...
  • { Feb 15 - 18 } -- Trip to Vegas with the boyfriend to celebrate V-Day and our 4 year anniversary. Big stuff. MGM celebrity spa suite & third row, dead center seats to the David Copperfield show... here we come!
  • { Feb 18 } -- Mission to raise money for the Make-A-Wish foundation reaches its final stretch, and it's time to tally the numbers and make the donation. If you want to help me help others, read more here.

And be on the look out to spot features about me and my work on
Fierce but Nerdy & Style Substance Soul, both set to launch tomorrow.

Good night!

3 xoxo's:

oh, hello friend. said...

ohmigoodness you have busy few days ahead of you! very exciting!

i'm so excited to hang on thursday and be kidnapped ;)

and vegas!! so fun! wow 4 years - that is so great!

see you soon.

SuJ said...

looks great. how exciting. =]

DEEDEE said...

your Vegas trip sounds fun.... can i come? :\