07 February 2009

weekend update.

Anyone who follows my blog (or knows me personally) should know that before my Etsy shop existed, my world pretty much consisted of one thing: CADC.

It was the family I returned to every Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday night (or every night during hell weeks) at the basement of the Mesa Parkin
g Structure; the family I partied with and the family that taught me a thing or two about who I am and what I'm capable of. But like anyone who has also experienced the magic that is CADC, we realize that with college's end comes the end of our time on the team. But one thing seems to be proving itself, and it's that CADC alums are doin' it big! They're dancing back-up for Asian popstars (Chihoe), poppin' up businesses and studios left and right (Tikko, NOOE, Thomas Phantom), continuing to make their mark on the hip hop dance scene (too many to name!), and now, even finding their faces on MTV's America's Best Dance Crew...

Banner courtesy of Phantom

Like Phantom says... we are indeed proud of our fellow CADC alumni, Feng-Feng and Hirano! Now support and vote for them! Read more about our alumni, Quest, and their performances here.

Favorite Feng Moment
(0:27 - 0:35)

Oh, y'all make us so proud... lol.


In other news, I'm recovering from today's Love Bazaar, which was a ton of fun! Getting my work to a new audience, meeting some new vendors I'm sure I'll be keeping in contact with... let alone, being there to support a great cause? Awesome-possom-ness.

{photos from the event coming soon}


With the Love Bazaar checked off my list of weekend festivites, I've still got another show tomorrow... once again, at the good 'ole Ghettogloss Silverlake Art Craft & Vintage Show. While I was driving back home to Diamond Bar from the show (with stop-and-go rain showers), I kept thinking how tired I was and how "fun" it would be to have to wake up before sunrise tomorrow, but then I remembered that I'd finally get to share a booth with Belinda, a good friend from college, tomorrow and didn't feel so tired anymore! OK -- still tired, but masked by excitement.

She's a little shy about how awesome and talented she is, but I know it's only time that separates her and gaining a huge customer base. She sews, she's artistic, and has got a good eye for design. While I'm excited to see her take the plunge tomorrow, I'm even more proud. I know how difficult it can be to get your mind wrapped around the concept of putting your work for others to see, but I'm not worried for her at all! To see her break her craft show virginity, come to our full booth tomorrow from 9am 'til 5pm at the lot on Glendale and Silverlake Blvd.

In the meantime...

by belinda's etsy shop
{coming soon}

by belinda's facebook page

by belinda's blogspot

Surprise us and say hello!


2 xoxo's:

Mel said...

Hey Steppie! I've chosen you for an art blog award! Copy and paste it from my blog, have fun!

Love ya!

belinda said...

thank you for the shout out.. and push. haha. i really appreciate it.

sad it rained. :(