05 February 2009

wholesalin' never felt so good!

I cannot contain my excitement...

It's an amazing feeling and I still have a huge smile on my face! I received an e-mail from a kind woman last night who had found me through Etsy. She is the brand manager of her company and was inquiring to purchase a bunch of my cards to sell in their 6 STORES IN AUSTRALIA! After finally letting it soak in after staring at my laptop screen for a good five minutes with my jaw dropped to the floor, I started to realize what a great and amazing opportunity this was.

With a couple more e-mails back and forth, we finalized an amazing wholesale order just a couple hours ago... and I can't believe it. My little Mr. Penguins, Mr. Hedgehogs, Love Bunnies, and "Oh Deers" will be in 6 different boutiques in Australia!

I just browsed the website for their company, and I absolutely love the feel and story behind their business.

Everything you need to know about Morrison:

When I asked her to give me a feel for their business and brand, she said...

"...We love to support young artists and are really excited about having you in our stores! We stock alot of Australian designers and many French artists such as Serge Thoraval, Delphine Conty and Vive La Difference."
Taking wholesale orders from anyone would make my day, but to have my work as part of a well-established and fabulous brand? ...I don't even know what to say. While my work is nothing compared to their awesome clothing and high-end selection, it's nice to know that my little 'ole greeting cards made straight out of my bedroom will be alongside them.

And a few of my favorite images from their website...

A few snippits from their lookbook:

Images of their boutiques:

Isn't the clothes to die for? And oh-em-gee, their boutiques?! I can't believe my handmade cards will be sold here! But before I can really let it soak in... uh, I've got a lot of work to do and a lot of cards to make. :)


3 xoxo's:

RestlessAntics said...

DAYMN!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Now I just want to go to Australia to see it displayed in person XD

jer bear said...

i knew it. i got in a class cause i bribed my dance instructor with one of your cards thanks. see you at the top someday bye!


Amanda K Lockrow said...

Congratulations!!!! That's so fantastic!