06 April 2009

steppie workshop: part two.

I want to keep my tee designs under wraps until next time, but thought I'd recap what I've achieved in the past 24 hours...

While I wanted to spend most of the day busting out more t-shirts, I realized that without an adequate amount of needed supplies, you can only go so far, so today was dedicated on stocking up. With some experimenting with the Yudu machine, I found that the Yudu fabric inks didn't seem to work too well with me. I had some Speedball fabric ink lying around (from past attempts to learn how to screen print with much fail), and decided to give it a go. Good thing I did because I think I've fallen in love with this stuff -- it's not as thick as the Yudu inks, so it makes flooding the screen and actually pulling the screen a lot easier. And the thin consistency allows more time before drying -- a factor pretty important to me considering I'm a one-woman sweatshop.

While the baby 4 oz sample of the stuff went so far to suffice me for about two dozen shirts or so (it's a big design, mind you), it obviously wasn't enough to make it through all my t-shirts... which is why today became more about driving on the freeway and running around stocking up on supplies than actually printing more tshirts like I had hoped. But the day was not wasted.

{ let's just say, i made a little upgrade }

Maybe the photo is deceiving, but my new bottles of
Speedball ink are pretty much MONSTEROUS.
No complaining here.

{ gotta hang them in style }

Was almost opting to buy black plastic ones, but found
this pack of wooden/metal hangers for the same price!
Well, cheaper, actually... considering the guy at
Bed Bath & Beyond hooked me up with a discount. :)

40 wooden hangers for $17?
Steppie, FTW.

{ the wooden hangers will replace these... }

This photo is a taste of how my bedroom
has turned into a little factory of its own,
and shows how many shirts I have done so far!

Now, it's time to add some color to this clothing rack.


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