30 May 2009

steppie/papercakes giveaway:

I wasn't lying when I said to look forward to freebies this weekend...

When I was approached by Chelsea of Paper*Cakes to hold a giveaway on her website, I knew I couldn't pass up the opportunity! Not only do I love what Chelsea does with her website, but this was also my chance to give back a little!

So, the giveaway...

Paper*Cakes/Steppie Giveaway!

Head over to the giveaway to read my interview;
and, of course, to get your chance to win your very on...

"Panda Face" Tote Bag!

Head over to the entry to read about how easy it is to enter!

You can even increase your chances of winning by simply blogging, tweeting, or sharing a link to the giveaway through facebook or myspace! And, hurry -- the giveaway will close at Midnight Atlantic time, on Sunday (that's tomorrow!).

Hint: When you head over to the giveaway, read closely and you may even find a way to save some money on your own Steppie purchase this weekend!

Good luck, loves!
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