26 July 2008


So, I've become recently obsessed with the idea of mixed media. For those unfamiliar with the term, it basically encompasses all artwork that combines two or more different types of medium... whether it be acrylic, paper, ink, buttons, etc.

For me, I've always been quite fascinated with printed fabrics, but because I have zero experience with a needle and thread, didn't know how I could incorporate it into my own artwork. Until now, of course.

This is the first in my fabric and acrylic mixed media series, titled "GIRAFFE SILHOUETTE."

Hand selected fabric (with a brown texturized fabric with turquoise spots) was stretched and stapled to a 9"x12" mounted canvas. After using a protective sealer, I then used acrylic to paint a silhouette of a giraffe (ooh, how I adore cute animals!).

Now that my first experimentation with fabric and acrylics is completed, I have a whole new bag of printed fabrics that I've hand selected that are fun, inspiring, and delicious! So, I can't wait to get started on those when I get back from my Vegas trip (to read more about my Vegas trip for Hip Hop Internationals, look for my post titled, "panda obsession")!

+ To see the listing: "Giraffe Silhouette"
+ To view my shop: http://www.steppie.etsy.com

Happy blogging!


P.S. COMMENT and let me know: (1) what you think about my new art piece, and (2) if you have also experimented with mixed media - and link me with photos!

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Rosebud Collection said...

Another very different type work..
Very pretty..