24 July 2008

panda obsession.

The most important thing for me at Etsy - aside from spreading the word about my own shop - is promoting & supporting the community I am apart of.

A fellow seller and Etsian, marliese, has a shop full of cute little knick-knacks, and when I came across her knick-knacks adorned in pandas... I couldn't resist!

They just arrived in my mailbox in a padded envelope full of two panda magnets and two panda badges - wait but I only ordered three items! Yup, that's right, she included an extra panda badge and was happy to accomodate to my requests about my order!

Great purchase - and under just a couple of buckaroos, I now have some fun knick-knacks to play with!

To view marliese's shop, visit: http://www.marliese.etsy.com!


On another note, I will be a little MIA for next week and a half or so! Why, you ask? As one of the eight representatives of my hip hop dance team, CADC, I will be competing at Hip Hop Internationals, located in Las Vegas, NV!

So, while I'll be spending a good couple of days dancing my butt off in the heat and hitting up the strip during my downtime, I'll also be brainstorming some new ideas for En Rouge Designs.

What to be looking forward to at my shop in the coming weeks: mixed media art, use of fabrics, prints, and custom pins! I hope you're as excited as I am!

'Til next time, m'friends.

En Rouge Designs

P.S. Leave a comment and let me know - if you could see any of my paintings on other forms of medium (totes, prints, pins, etc.), which would you choose?

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Marliese stuff is soo cute! Thanks for the link!

Paper Girl Productions said...
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