16 July 2008

sometimes packaging is everything.

I've gotten a few purchases through the mail with my time at Etsy, and a well-packaged item never gets underestimated. If anything, it makes the purchase that more memorable.

I just sent out my first two sales yesterday, and was quite happy with the packaging:

Artwork wrapped in an adorned, colorful wrapping paper (and then wrapped in bubble wrap for extra safety!). A "thank you" card with a print of one of my paintings placed in a personalized envelope. A couple special offers and special discounts exclusive to loyal customers. A couple of cute buttons and tags, just for fun - All wrapped and safely sealed into a mailing envelope with my own personal doodlings.

Packaging is probably one my most favorite steps in the process of selling - and I can't wait 'til these babies reach their new homes.

Comment with your feedback or commentary. If a fellow seller, how do you package your sales? If a buyer, how do you like your items packaged? What was your most memorable to date?


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3 xoxo's:

Hilary Winfield - Abstract Artist said...

Beautiful packaging! Great idea!

Ronalyn said...

Really nice packaging! You are right, it is important and I need to get better at it.

Michelle said...

Aww, thanks for the sweet words! I'm so happy you started a blog - it's super-cute! =) Happy night!