17 July 2008

i heart whale.

I've been meaning to expand my "I Heart..." series - which currently has the giraffe featured - and I started sketching up some doodles of animals today, and finally decided that the next item in "I Heart..." series would feature whales!

Here is the final product:

The feedback I've been getting on the "I Heart Giraffe" painting has been outstanding - and a lot of people have been saying it would be perfect in a baby nursery! With that in mind, I'm hoping that painting and my new "I Heart Whale" paintings will find new cozy homes soon.

The listing for "I Heart Whale" can be found here:

Leave me comments with your opinions on my new artwork!
Your feedback means a lot to me!

Happy shopping!

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4 xoxo's:


Love your artwork, bright and original!!

ann said...

i <3 your i <3 series.

maybe your next can be a turtle? :)

Patrizia said...

I love it! I love how you do the stitches and the expression! :)

pitter painter said...

Hi Steppie, This little whale is great! Sorry about the link confusion, I totally didn't notice...prob too tired when I did that. :) All is well, Thanks for noticing.