13 August 2008

oh deer!


One more craft to add to my list of obsessions. I remember seeing handmade cards that other sellers had in their shops, and they looked so fun and cute that I decided to dip my own feet into the paper goods category. At this rate, I might be taking the full-on dive, head-first soon!

The cards are made out of acid-free paper that look so natural and grainy, that I couldn't resist. Better yet - the cards are actually made out of recycled paper! Being creative and being eco-friendly? That's A+ status in my book.

Random trivia: I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but my nails match the colors of the cards! Totally coincidental... what can I say... :)

The deer silhouette stamp is actually a little treasure I was super excited to use for a while now! I had purchased it from BlossomStamps through Etsy (I actually blogged about it - you can find the post here!), and couldn't wait to get the little creature on some beautiful paper!

Packaging is also something I enjoy doing - I think it should be considered a craft in itself. I believe that a beautiful craft only deserves to be wrapped in the utmost care, and look good while at it! My little deer greeting cards are wrapped in natural ribbon and carefully enclosed in an acid-free cello bag. I'm contemplating on making some labels for them, but that will be my new project once some free time opens up!

This whole greeting card craze is quite exciting for me, and I just got a custom order the other day that I'm super excited to work on! Actually, I just ordered some custom stamps from the sweet and wonderful Tommie77 that I'm sure will look beautiful when they arrive (be on the look out for penguins and hedgehogs!)! Once they ship in, be sure to keep an eye on my Etsy shop because new surprises will be popping up, faaaaasho!

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Hope to see you there soon! Happy blogging!


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3 xoxo's:

IRAS said...

Your "Oh deer" card is very nice and creative! Nice job!

Tizzalicious said...

Theyv are fantastic, I love them.

Kylie B said...

Oh I just Love your cards!