16 August 2008

catching up with old friends.

Probably the best feeling ever.

It's one of those friends - the ones you never get the chance to see enough (like once a year, if you're lucky). But when you get together and catch up, everything's the same. Except that we're getting older and wiser (hopefully), and there's nothing stopping that.

He's one of the old school ones. Knows me pretty damn well, as much as I've liked to think I've changed in the last four years... you know, with college and "growing up," and all. But there's some things that never change. Some things that stay true - and beyond our friendship, I think it's where our passions lie. And looks like we're both staying true to who we are, who we were, who we will be...


Another thing about a good old friend?
Undying support.

And free shout-outs.

Yup. That's always nice.

Alex, you're awesome.
Your painting's coming soon. (:

OK, back to finishing up my birdie cards and custom orders!
I should be blogging about those soon! Peeeaaacccceeee.


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