28 August 2008

perfect timing.

Let's talk a little about perfect timing...

Considering how much I have on my plate right now, I usually don't have the time to check out all of my favorite blogs regularly (check them out on my sidebar!)... but lo and behold, I decided to dedicate some time tonight, and came across an entry from loveretrocolour that was shocking! But quite pleasant, to say the least!


A little feature on my "Oh, Deer" Greeting Cards!

To be honest, I've been a little stressed lately with how much I want to do, and how much little time I have to do it. But this little unexpected shout out was all I needed to keep me motivated! Thank you so much, love retro colour! Check out their blog, as it's a fun and exciting one that is frequently updated! :)

Ah - the simple things in life that really make each day a little bit better.
...Or a whole lot better. :)


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