01 September 2008

i am a ninja.


I think we're all a little ninja deep inside. Whether you like to show your sly and fantastic ways to others, or whether you prefer for it to come out at night.

Ninjas are known to be a wee bit of trouble. But they're also witty, intelligent, and daring. And heck, they're just pretty damn awesome!

...So awesome that they make an awesome painting! (:

To see the listing for this: "I Am A Ninja" Canvas Painting (8"x10")

I want to paint more ninjas, but in different colors -- have any ideas?
Leave me comments with your ideas and suggestions!


3 xoxo's:

ourgreatgreenglobe said...

cute ninja- since, i am obsessed with all things orange- it would be fun to see an orange one!

Tikko Studios said...

dude you're tellin me! Your stuff is just ridiculously creative and dope. Seriously, keep up the good work kutchy..flight journals are sick btw!

Jen said...

I saw this on Etsy the other day and thought it was totally cute! How funny to find it on your blog when I'm checking out the list of blogs in the Etsy forum post! Very cool painting! Check out my blog if you have time!