26 September 2008

time to catch up.

Wow, it's been a long time!

Before getting a little more into what I've been up to lately, a very important update:

My Etsy store is still in the same place, but my blogspot URL has now changed from "enrougedesigns" to "DesignsBySteppie"... all consequence to some changes to my shop and business branding. If you're here now, that means you've found me safely -- so update your links and get comfortable in my new home!

Now, moving on to the juicy stuff...


With my recent home boutique on my list of epic accomplishments for my shop, I was swarmed soon after with playing catch up while being occupied by my last few weeks as a member of CADC for UC Irvine's Welcome Week. I'm actually still in the middle of it, and just finished my first week "on tour" with CADC. Two more to go, and the team I called my family for the last four years I will no longer be apart of. Well, as a current member, anyway. I'll finally get to call myself an official "alum" of the team. DC forever? Oh, hell yes.

CADC Senior Class '08
Anthony, Steppie, JPark, Kym, Addie, Beltran


As mentioned earlier, I was just apart of my very first craft boutique! It was my first time selling my items to others in person, and while I was nervous and scared (I think we all are the first time), the experience was absolutely wonderful and unforgettable.

The event was small and intimate - but exactly how I would have wanted it for my first craft boutique. I met some fabulous sellers who were adorable, infectious, and extremely inspiring. They were all wonderful at their own craft, and seeing all that passion in one room was overwhelming! But man, was it an experience...

Some snapshots of my table display:

My table from afar!

Some of my larger canvas pieces hanging on the wall!

These are my newest obsessions.

Birdies on a hanging mirror?
To die for!

Table display.

Tree display and baskets to showcase my paper crafts:
greeting cards, postcards, journals, etc.

A place for people to sign up for my mailing list
or to make custom orders. I also had two-folders-worth
of a portfolio of all the work I've done!

Basket full of canvas paintings and prints!

ACEOs and buttons galore!

I love finding cool ways to organize my items!

Display to hold all my button designs!
Originally a candle holder!

A closer look...

The adorable ACEOs of my original paintings!

And, of course, a special thank you to everyone
that stopped by to support!
(Do you like my apron? It's hand painted by yours truly!)Thank you Rod, Anton, Noah, Beltran...
And those not pictured: Mom, Dad, Danette, Lay, Jungle, KDuh, and Mel

And a BIG, SPECIAL thank you to the boyfriend for sticking it out for most of the day (and even when you were gone, you were just outside the door, taking a quick nap in your car!).

This experience was eye-opening, and definitely something I want to keep doing. I have a few more craft shows lined up, and a few more I want to look into. So look out for me! I'll keep you bloggers updated!

And make sure to check out my Etsy shop: http://steppie.etsy.com! I've got a lot of new things listed!

And be ready for some more blog updates very soon!


P.S. Leave me comments! :)

8 xoxo's:

Talli said...

It looks so great ! I love the little ACEOS ^_^

Ann said...

Yay!! I'm glad you're ok, i was beginning to wonder what happened. Looks like your first fair was a great success.

I was wondering though what does DC stand for?

I'm going to go update my link right now.

niftyknits said...

Great display, I especially love the buttons in the candleholder, and the aceos hanging from the tree.

Lara said...

Your display looks awesome!! Love your canvases! Great use of the candle holder!


Tacosneggrolls said...

AWesome set up! I actually started my own indie show, see you live in Diamond Bar, wish I had known about you before I sent out all my acceptance notes. Are you interested if anyone drops out?
http://www.tallmouse.com/handmadebrigade or http://www.tacosneggrolls.etsy.com

Louis said...

kutchy! hey dude, thanks for the update. Where was this boutique at? and why didn't you tell any of us?! I would've came to check it out! let me know bout the next one

ching said...

love your arts!
and the way your arrange your table :)

dangerous said...

So cute!