04 September 2008

panda bearrrr.

I found it only right that I eventually added an "I Heart Panda" to my "I Heart..." painting series. Why it took so long? Probably because I was over-thinking it and wanted it to be PERFECT-O.

For those that don't know me personally, panda bear is probably my alter ego. (; We share the droopy eyes, the mushy cheeks, and the mischievous grin most see as friendly and welcoming. ...Little do they know!

Anyhoot, I had a BLAST with this painting.
I hope you like it as much as I do -- please leave me comments!




Unfortunately, I don't have this listed in my Etsy shop just yet because I'm holding onto it for a future home boutique. HOWEVER, like all my art, it is completely available for custom work! so if you like what you see and want to see one on your wall, comment here, convo me on Etsy, or email me at skuoch@gmail.com!

Leave me comments and let me know what you think. :)


13 xoxo's:

Kylie B said...

Oh that is just soo cute!

Kate ( Glasswing Jewellery) said...

Love your paintings! Will be stopping by your shop in a mo. Especially like the ninja. Kate x.

Ashley said...

This is SO cute! I love it!

alamodestuff said...

Absolutely adorable. Love your choice of color!

Paper Girl Productions said...

oo I Love Pandas too! soo cute!

Dana Summers said...

Oh, I love the panda, going to check out the rest of your work now.

Kay Spihlmann said...

hello - just checking out new blogs and etsy shops...quite adorable. I like all the pictures you use.

if you like, I just created a new website and blog and looking for feedback...


Brazilians Paradise said...

OMG!! This is adorable :) love it!!! Awesome job

On a Whimsey said...

Those Pandas are sooooooooooooo cute!!!!!

Christina Silverio said...

Adorable! Love your art, it is the sweetest!

All the best!


Hi yeah I want it!!!!
In a button and an ACEO, or if the print is right price ill get the print

inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

OMG. Love your stuff!!!

Amber said...

Panda lover over here :D