10 October 2008

changing things up.

I've decided to change things up a bit and actually feature a wonderful blog that I've recently come across. With all the blogs we come across nowadays, it's sometimes not only difficult to find the few that truly interest you, but it's also difficult to find the ones that update as much as you'd like them to.

Who knows what brought me across this blog, but Estela, the heart and writer of the blog, "life of a bird," does a wonderful job of pleasing you every day with a new blog post about her recent projects and plans for her Etsy shop!

Recently, she's been in the middle of planning for her return to the Indie Emporium and is documenting her daily preparations up to the big day.

(Isn't her stuff adorable?)

Not only is it adorable, but the fact that she's in the middle of preparing for a big show, is quite appealing to me as I am preparing for 3-4 shows myself for this upcoming holiday season. Blogs like hers keep me excited, motivated, and inspired!

Another nice added touch to her blog? She's candid, real, and open to her readers... as she shares a bit of her personal life as well in her blog. As readers and potential customers, it's always awesome to get a closer look into the lives of our sellers, also considering that many handmade customers enjoy the personal experience of buying from another real human being. And being able to read a little more about them? It makes the experience of buying handmade that much more special and memorable.

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Blog: "life of a bird"
Etsy Shop: http://stelabird.etsy.com

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