11 October 2008

new blog features!

It's been a crazy week with my last and final performance with CADC this past Wednesday, and our End of the Year (EOTY) party that went down last night (which was amazing and perfect, by the way). And now I'm back home in Diamond Bar, settling back into the swing of things with new custom orders and new project ideas. It should be an exciting week!

But I got home today with two very exciting surprises:

It's an adorable blog that I love to visit frequently...
as expected, her posts (and her shop!) really are quite cute!
And she featured 5 of my designs - I'm thrilled!

And then a second blog feature on Ramblings of a Different Girl!

She did a feature on Moleskine journals and featured my
"Flight" Moleskine Cahier Journal alongside
two other very cute journals.

Thank you so much, ladies!
I love them blog features, they're always such a nice surprise.



4 xoxo's:

cj said...

Nice Blog!
Just want to support you!
Support me too!
Take care...

OrenjiSlices said...

Thank you yourself! :)
I love the "flight" journal.
I would find it hard to let go of such a pretty journal.

Tizzalicious said...

I'm glad you liked my feature!

Tikko Studios said...

ok can we jus collab on something already kutchy?!