14 October 2008

ninja + girl = badassness.

Are you a girl?
And do you think (or maybe even KNOW) you're a ninja?

Well, my good friend Yoon sure does! And was super excited for me to customize a new tote bag just for her! Black tote bag (to keep from the messes), red samurai sword, and cute squint-y eyes just like the owner (Yoon, are your eyes open?!)! Haha, I love you girl!

"I Am A Ninja" Tote Bag (Badass Girl Status)

Large and roomy, perfect for any use - all day, everyday.
(Thank you to my beautiful sister for modeling!)

Yoon with her new tote bag!
And me sporting my loyal "Panda Face" tote bag!

Like the "I Am A Ninja" Tote Bag?
I have an original in my shop: "I Am A Ninja" Tote Bag!

I gladly take customizations, so if you want to make your tote bag JUST perfect (and I'll be happy to do it for you!), contact me through Etsy, comment on this blog, or e-mail me at DesignsBySteppie@gmail.com!

Oh, and if you'd like a "Panda Face" tote bag for yourself (I carry mine everywhere!), you can also find one available at my Etsy shop:
"Panda Face" Tote Bag!

Again, all tote bags are painted by HAND by me!
And leave me comments - I love hearing from all of you!


6 xoxo's:

Megan Baehr said...

Cute cute cute! I love your designs. :-D

Marie said...

lovely :o) i have a soft spot for the panda face one :o)


i LOVE my bag
l o v e

thanks a bunch steppieeeeeeeee!

everything ok! said...

that is so flipping CUTE!

Jen said...

Adorable tote bags and even cuter models!!!

Stella & Sugar said...

those are so cute, just right for fall, I'm hearting your shop back home;}