16 October 2008

mr. creatures.

Do you like porcupines?
Do you like penguins?

Then you'll love the new cards I've added to my shop!

All are stamped by hand with acid-free inks! I only have a couple in my shop as of now, and hope to add more. But even more, am MORE than open to custom orders whether you want packs of cards at a discounted rate OR if you want the cards to have a different message. :)




Find these and more at my Etsy shop:

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5 xoxo's:

BirdWatching said...

omg I LOVE the penguin card...I may have to get that to give to my boyfriend :-D


The Empty Envelope said...

I am completely in love with your shop! How adorable!!!

Mayhem said...

TAG, you're it!
You've been tagged to share 7 random facts about yourself! See my Blog for the details/rules.

Ann said...

love the cards!!!

did you make the stamps all well.

Jennifer Ramos said...

Hey thanks for commenting my blog..I LOVE this card its sooo cute! I am thinking of buying one....hmmm : )

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards & More'