31 October 2008

today feels like a great day.

Because it's Halloween time!

What does that mean for me?

(1) Break time from pre-Holiday Hotness Bazaar preparations.
(2) Dress up time (who doesn't love to dress up?)!
(3) And, of course, party time with some awesome friends!

Pieces of the puzzle:

Absolutely GORGEOUS feather headband
by GaiaTroveChicago!


My first handmade tutu!
(It is black and fades to a bright turquoise on the back.)


Some special accessories...
(Image courtesy of Michele Taras)

= ?!

Have you guessed it yet?
I think I made it pretty obvious...

Photos of tonight's festivities & my full costume coming soon!

What were you for Halloween?


P.S. 5 days left to participate in my blog giveaway!

4 xoxo's:

Estela said...

YES!! LOVE IT! I can't wait to see pictures!
I think Riley and I changed our minds and are now going out. We will be French. :) Au Revoir!

The Empty Envelope said...

What a great costume! I went as 'soccer mom' since I don't much care for the term:) Hehe.

Tizzalicious said...

We don't really celebrate Halloween here :( Such a shame, because I love dressing up!

Tikko Studios said...

ahh! i want those penguin holiday cards!