22 December 2008

christmas came early!

Christmas came early in the Kuoch household!

Since my sister's kids are going to be celebrating with their father's family on December 25th, we decided to open up presents a few days early since there was a big holiday party happening in our house anyway.

Since I primarily got envelopes this year, I spent most of the night watching my nieces tear up boxes and create a red and green crime scene right in front of the Christmas tree.


Oh, how I miss being a kid.

Doing damage.

Since entering the indie craft scene after opening up shop on Etsy a couple of months ago, I've been inspired to go handmade (have YOU made the handmade pledge?!) as much as possible. While I don't know how to sew together a jacket even if my life depended on it, I can do some "faux stitching" of some of the designs I normally put onto canvas! Give me felt, scissors, needle, and thread and I'll find a way to make it work. It's probably not the best job, and learning how to sew is definitely going on my list of goals for the new year (I can't believe it's almost 2009 already!).

I was going for the "unperfect" look when putting together my gifts for the girls anyhoot, so the imperfections only added the right touch. I'm pretty happy with the final results, but more importantly, the kids love them and that's what matters!

Alyssa showing off her new Giraffe jacket!
It's modeled after her favorite Steppie design: I Heart Giraffe.

And some fun little buttons for the front!

Alyssa always begs me for "I Heart Giraffe" buttons, but ends up losing them around the house. I figured sticking it straight onto a jacket might solve that little problem.

Hailey showing off her new Panda jacket!
It's modeled after her favorite Steppie design: I Heart Panda.

And they each come with a hand-sewn heart on the hood!

Aren't they little cuties?
They're getting so big. /sad face


Christmas is literally days away and I'm hoping you and your loved ones are having a good one!

For those of us with the crafting spell and are still shipping out last minute orders, enjoy the very much needed break because I know I will be! I've got a couple orders to package up tonight to get out in the mail tomorrow... but after that, it's time to leave my work space and spend some quality time with the ones I love.

Here's to happy holidays!


5 xoxo's:

Mel said...

You're too sweet! Your designs look SOOOO cute on the girls! Good job on the handmade gifts : D

Christank said...

aww steppie your nieces must have been ecstatic. i wish i was creative with my hands! i miss you to pieces and just know i'm always checkin up on you via blog :) love you.


Mayhem said...

The jackets look great!

I too should learn to sew. hrmm...

It's Christmas Tag and you're IT!
See my blog for rules and such.

Merry Christmas :)

DEEDEE said...

OOOOOOOOOoh cool!!

i know what you mean. i've been making Christmas cards this year. oooh i made this really cool model house thing last year but i gave it away and i didnt take any pictures of it. damn. hahah



and i want you to sew a panda on my jacket too!!!!

love you <333

SuJ said...

that is soooo sick. haha. mad skills