19 December 2008

ghettogloss/silverlake (12/13 - 12/14)

I've got so much updating to do to recap from this past week, so let's keep it short and snappy... and on to the photos!


Ghettogloss Silverlake Art & Vintage Show:
December 13, 2008

I don't have many pictures from this day because the weather was kind of crazy. Drizzling in the morning, and then windy in the afternoon. Definitely not a good day to be out selling considering how cold it was and how strange the weather was being, but we toughed it out anyway!

My new shop banner in action!

Such a cutie!

After the show, Morris and I headed off to grab sushi... yes, again.
But can you really blame us?

Best compliment to the best sushi in the house.


On a cold winter day, this is just what I need.




This post is making me hungry...


Ghettogloss Silverlake Art & Vintage Show:
December 14, 2008

It's Sunday and the weather made a complete 180! It was bright and the sun was out from behind the clouds! But the photos are deceiving, it was still just as cold!

The banner in my booth def adds a finishing touch.

...And it just makes me smile. (:

Hand painted tote bags!

Wood is starting to take over my table. No complaining here.

New journals!

New printed wood art pieces!

Servando, Anton, Me, and Timmy
Thank you for stopping by!

By the end of the day, Raffy ("partner" in crime and paparazzi-ing lol) joined the festivities to help pack up shop before we headed off to Acapulco (took us about half an hour to get there due to both of our indecisiveness) for some awesome Mexican food (wish I took photos!) and some very much needed catch up time.

Me and Raffy in front of an awkward Christmas tree.
It's the thought that counts, I guess... LOL.
If anything, it sure did bring some cheer to our day.


And so, that pretty much wraps up last weekend's craft show-ing!

I'll be in Silverlake for one last time this weekend before the year comes to close - both Saturday and Sunday from 9am 'til 5pm! Come by and finish up your last minute Christmas shopping! I'll be putting things on sale since I need to let go of some stuff so I can prepare for a new year of awesomeness.


P.S. The art gallery exhibit was awesome! I'll be uploading photos soon. (:

4 xoxo's:

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a great time. I love that you took pictures of the sushi!

Ann said...

I love the volcano roll!! I want one!

It's been too long since I've stopped by your blog and I love your new banner for the shows and the new art work you have since the last time I stopped by. Congratulations on all the success!!!

Mel said...

Sushi and beer...is there anything better!?!?!?! So good!

I'm tagging you! Wanna play?

Dee said...

so beautiful!! steppie i'm so proud of you~~~!! <3