03 December 2008

feeling 'stachy!

I don't know if I'm alone, but I'm feeling a bit of 'stache fever!
No complaining here!

And I happily introduce... my new "Undercover Mustache" Tote Bag!

This AWESOME large "Undercover Mustache" tote bag is painted BY HAND! It serves to be functional, while still making a fashion statement!

Tote bags are made out of natural canvas, and measure 18" wide, 13" high, and 4" deep (45.6 x 33 x 10.2 cm). They are roomy and large, perfect for carrying your laptop, big books, and other necessities. You can even use it to go grocery shopping!

This "Undercover Mustache" tote is a tough competitor next to my other popular tote designs! It's perfect for everyday use, and serves its function quite well! But most importantly? It's just plain awesome.

The handles are also long, and make it very comfortable to use as a shoulder bag. In addition, each tote is adorned with an exclusive "Designs by Steppie" button!

Each tote bag is individually painted by hand so there may be slight variation making each one unique! Each one is also signed by me in the corner of the 'stache!


In other awesome news, my "Bird Talk" original painting just got featured in an awesome treasury by drumchick99!

Colorful and fun, just how I like it!


3 xoxo's:

Aliya said...

It's a nice tot bag & the hand painting up on it makes it more stylish.

The Empty Envelope said...

That. Is. Awesome!

Mayhem said...

I'm lovin' the stache! and I commented on that treasury...specifically how you're so awesome lol