15 December 2008

paper n stitch: update!

You can visit it here:

As I mentioned in my last blog post, the shop with the highest number of hearts at the end of the exhibition (January 18th) will receive a free month on the site. However, Brittni has just contacted us and the stakes are even higher! The person with the most hearts will not only receive the free month, but will also win a total of $150!

Brittni believes that her site was created with the goal to support her fellow artists and designers, and thought the extra cash could help with just that! And it's true! Extra cash in my pocket can help me experiment with new mediums, buy more supplies, and in turn, provide YOU (my fabulous friends) with new and improved Designs by Steppie goods!

The competition will be tough considering how much talent you can find next to me in this beautiful and fantastic exhibition, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to let you all know about the contest in case you want to help out!


How can you help out?
All you have to do is log in (it's easy to sign up if you haven't already!), go to my paper n stitch shop, and heart me!

How do you "heart me"?
When you go to my paper n stitch shop, you will find a little box with a number and heart hovering over my panda avatar. Click that and watch the number increase! Still can't find it? Look at the screenshot at the top of this post - I outlined the box with a heart. :)


If you can take a few minutes to help me out, I'll include a free special gift with any of your purchases! Just let me know that you hearted my paper n stitch shop at checkout or send me a convo, and I'll be more than happy to throw it in with your order! This way... we both benefit. (:

Thank you so much for all of your continued support!


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