14 December 2008

happy update!

I just got back from an EXHAUSTING weekend vending at Ghettogloss's Silverlake Art Craft & Vintage Show, but have a few pieces of great news I wanted to sneak in before retreating for a very needed good night's rest.


{ number one }

I am literally two sales shy of reaching my 100th
Etsy sale!

I realize that 100 sales may be nothing compared to some of the successful sellers that have a couple hundred per week, but just like how the very FIRST sale you make feels absolutely amazing... the same feeling goes for finally reaching three digits! I'm not quite there yet (just two sales separating me and my goal!), but knowing that I've shipped almost 100 packages of my own handmade products, literally, all over the world... is a PHENOMENAL feeling.

To share my excitement with the people I owe it most to--my supporters and devoted customers--I am offering a FREE SURPRISE GIFT to:

  1. The buyer of my 100th Etsy sale
  2. Someone randomly selected from the pool of awesome individuals who have EVER purchased anything from my Etsy shop! Bought more than one item? You get entered into the drawing for each item you have ever purchased!
The drawing will be announced once I reach the big 100! Help me reach that goal before the new year!


{ number two }

What is Paper N Stitch?
Straight from their webpage:

Paper N Stitch is an online exhibition space that was created to promote talented artists, designers, makers selling handmade goods, and independent boutiques. The exhibition space is curated monthly and showcases the best of the best on an international level.
When I asked Brittni, one of the creators of Paper N Stitch, for a little more information on the mission of the website, she responded with amazing feedback:

Papernstitch received over 138,000 views in the first month's exhibition alone. And has been featured on large blogs such as Real Simple: Simply Stated (Real Simple magazine blog), Oh Joy, Modish, Scoutie Girl, Heart Handmade, Cuteable, and many, many more. We have also been named an Editor's Choice by BUST magazine. All this in the month and half that the site has been up! And we expect even bigger things in the future as the site expands.

I had adored the site ever since I laid eyes on it... it's style, sophistication, and simplistic beauty. To know that many others think the same is no surprise.

It was a long shot for me to apply to get my own shop exhibited, but I thought it was worth a try. After my second application, I got invited to be apart of the third exhibition, which actually starts TOMORROW, December 15th, and ends on January 18th!

I am so thankful and honored to be next to other talented artists and designers, and hope this will be another stepping stone in letting my work reach a new audience. At the same time, all good things must come to an end and my time in the exhibition is limited! However, the exhibitor with the highest rating (most hearts) each month will win a month on Paper N Stitch for free -- so support my shop and maybe my time their won't be so short lived!

**P.S. My papernstitch shop page is still in editing process... it's been a long week! But, it should be done and ready within the next day or so! So, no worries!


{ number three }

The wonderful people at Ghettogloss have invited me to display my artwork in their gallery!

This is CRAZY, INSANE news as I've never had my artwork in ANY gallery nor did I ever think it was worthy of being in one! Nonetheless, I was flattered and jumped at the opportunity! I will be submitting new wood art pieces this coming Tuesday (short deadline!), and the exhibition will begin on December 18th and will be displayed for a whole week!

I don't even know what to think about this, but to feel blessed for this opportunity. I'll be showcasing some new art that hasn't even reached my Etsy shop yet, so it should be exciting! I'll be posting photos of the exhibition, but for those in the Los Angeles area, here is the address to the gallery:

2380 Glendale Blvd.
Silverlake, CA 90039


I am pooped.
But excited.

Very, very excited.


6 xoxo's:

taxitalk said...

you are an artist for sure, do you make killer cash?

Mayhem said...

Wow, all exciting news for sure! Gratz all around!

I can't wait to reach my tenth sale...I can't imagine how awesome it must be to reach 100...and a gallery, that's just amazing!

Estela said...

CONGRATS all the exciting news! That's a great idea for the 100th sale! I know you will reach it TODAY! No doubt in my mind.

The Empty Envelope said...

Wow!! Congrats!!!!!! That is incredible!!!

Stacey said...

All good news :) Congrats!

And I may be hitting up the Ghettogloss thing this weekend...

Fog and Thistle said...

Congrats on reaching 100! It *is* a HUGE deal for those of us who sell art, which is competitive on Etsy and sells slower than inexpensive items. Just reached it recently myself and it was so frustrating being 3 sales away for days and days before it click over to triple digits. So exciting!