24 February 2009

Trip: Las Vegas (Feb. 16-18)

Oye -- it's been more than a week since I've blogged!

But considering the consecutive drives back-and-forth from LA to the OC and back and, of course, the trip to Las Vegas with the boyfriend, which all took place in the last two weeks... it's no surprise that (1) I've been busy, and (2) I've got lots to share.

I don't want to overwhelm you (or myself for that matter), so I'll just take the next couple of days to play catch-up. But here's some of the things you can look forward to reading about in the next couple of posts:

  • Love Bazaar
  • Peekage at Commonwealth Collective [Louis/Thomas]
  • UCI's Make-A-Wish Benefit
  • Packaging
  • Custom Paintings
  • New Wood Art Pieces
  • Decor/Craft Space Make-Over!
  • New Monster Machine [it's in the mail soon!]

I'm so eager to share it all now... but because I just finished uploading the photos, here's a few photos of our trip to Las Vegas!


Morris and I wanted to celebrate our 4 year anniversary (2/17) and Valentine's Day in a big way, so we crossed the border to Nevada (despite warnings of snow and road closures), and survived through the spastic rain and big-truck sandwiches. Thankfully, we chose to head over on Monday, which was the same day everyone and their mom decided to head back. Let's just say that the grass was definitely not greener on the other side in terms of traffic that day. But better for us!

A little look into our driving situation:
A little bit of rain on the road;
A little bit of snow on the mountains;
A little bit of something called NO TRAFFIC...


MGM hooked us up.

Taking a cheesy high school "star shots" photo
in our kick-ass bathroom before going out.
Want to know just how kick-ass?
Check out the panoramic pans!

Buffet at Bellagio.
King crab legs, pasta, sushi, and creme brulee?
OMG -- yes, please.

David Copperfield's (amazing) magic show; View from our seats.
If only I could count how many times I said "HUH?!"/"WTF?!" to Morris...

The nights were chilly, but the sky was beautiful.

Bellagio observatory:
Celebrating Chinese New Year.

Everything was absolutely beautiful...
but I ALMOST DIED when I saw the PANDA BEARS!

If you know me or anything about my work, you know I'm a little obsessed. So, yes, died a little... of happiness. Yes, I did.

I spy panda belly!

He's my favorite! How cute is he?!

Ah, love his expression!

How fitting that I was sporting my new "Panda Face" messenger bag!


Speaking of messenger bags, I've got a couple made and a couple that have already sold, but they're not up in my shop just yet. I'm in the works of getting a whole new handful done, and am in search of a model... anyone down? lol.

More updates coming soon!


3 xoxo's:

Melissa Loschy said...

I love reading your blogs!
Im SO jealous of your trip to Vegas. Maybe someday my boyfriend will take the hint! haha

The Empty Envelope said...

So much fun! My mom *loved* pandas, I think it's partly why I like your work so much. That and it's *awesome*. The pandas are so cute!

Linda said...

4 years?!? Wowzers, congrats! Looks like you guys were straight ballin' in Vegas, haha.