25 February 2009

curious giraffe.

I'm in a little of a rush because I'm about to head out to make some trips to IKEA (make a few returns), Joanns (to stock up on some supplies - yay for sales!), thrift stores (because the hunt makes me happy), and to see Morris for dinner and wind-down time!

Though in a rush, I really wanted to make a quick update: I've been working hard on cranking out some new original art, and while doing that finished up some custom orders for a few of my favorite etsy customers.

{ work in progress }

{ second generation; "i heart giraffe" }
tweeked the colors a bit - he's matured!

{ customer's favorite "curious george" plushy }
the object of my inspiration

{ my take on the cutie }

{ the final products! }

I should be shipping these out very soon once I get them all packaged up safely. Let me know what you think! The recent pieces I've been working on are nothing like the style people recognize me for. It's a risk, but they're quite a bit of fun, so I hope people respond to them well... will release those soon!


5 xoxo's:

Kristen said...

I LOVE your version of Curious George! Both paintings turned out great :)

The Empty Envelope said...

Those are absolutely darling!

DEEDEE said...

i miss you already!!

at first i was like, i don't get it, why is there a dot on the banana...



SuJ said...


Every Little Counts said...

so cute!