20 March 2009

handmade district recap.

The past few days have been pretty hefty in terms of driving and being places (and will continue to be well into this coming weekend), but I'd thought I'd drop by with some photos from Handmade District that took place last Saturday.

I shared the space with Belinda, so it was fun times to catch up and be craft nerds with one another. I expected the day to be bright and sunny, but turned out to be a little gloomy in the morning and well into the early afternoon. Lo and behold, the sun decided to come out an hour before we had to pack up... but considering that the last show Belinda and I did got rained out on, I had no complaints.

{ our booth }

{ my main table }

{ a little change to keep things fresh }

{ herro panda }

{ thee originals }

{ new wooden display courtesy of thrift shopping! }

{ a little peek at belinda's table }

{ me & belinda }

I think the best part of the day was definitely watching Belinda make her very first sale. While she's been crafting for a long time, she's new to etsy and to craft shows. Remembering how that all felt to start off fresh that very first sale is definitely validation and encouragement to keep going.

Anyhoot, it's my mom's birthday today (happy birthday, mama!), and I'm heading out for her birthday dinner now. Hopefully I'll be able to update soon!


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