12 March 2009

faux studio.

"Faux studio";

OK, more like a table and chair,
but hey -- work with what you got, right?

About a week and a half ago, I gave you guys a little teaser into the recent decor renovations I was making in my bedroom. You can read the post to get a better idea of my reasons for the project, but the main gist of it goes a little bit like this: I needed a work space that not only gave me sufficient amount to work properly (no more painting on the floor!), but also one that inspired me creatively. I didn't have much room to work with, but there's nothing like a challenge... and I'm happy to say, the space is finally complete!

{ the little nook in my bedroom }
now dedicated to my crafting & art!

{ fusing my love for different styles }
clean, modern look with a vintage/victorian twist

{ my inspiration board }
not in full action yet; but will be soon enough!

{ who you workin' for, girl? }

{ shelf full of goodies! }
all my little nick-nacks in upcycled gerber containers
(yes, with my sticker labels on top!)
& my new collection of india ink!

p.s. i spy panda

{ awesome containers to hold my brushes & tools }
found these on sale at big lots -- they were a steal!

{ collection of bottled acylic }
because sometimes the cheap stuff does the job.

{ under table storage }
box full of my more expensive acrylics.
liquitex, ftw!

{ vintage suitcases make for perfect storage }
ahhhh, i'm absolutely in love with these!

{ and the complete look }

{ photo in action }
playing with my stamp collection;
and yes, pieces of wood from old furniture
are helpful when playing with the messy stuff...

{ the end }

higher quality photos can be found on my flickr.

i just posted these photos onto creative_spaces & craftgrrl
on livejournal + the response has been so positive so far!
yay - thanks for the feedback. xo.

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