20 April 2009

to let you know, i didn't forget.

I've been promising recaps from my week at UCSD's vendor fair, and while this isn't the official entry, I can say it is coming soon (sometime tonight or tomorrow?)...

I've been busy running around gathering supplies to prepare for my second hell week, because the work is far from over. In exactly seven days, I have two big events coming up:

  1. UC Irvine's Vendor Fair (4/27 - 5/1) -- Not only will the week start off on the 23rd anniversary of my birth (pub anyone?), but the week will be spent at the actual college I graduated from! It'll be like old times... except, instead of loitering around Ring Road to avoid class, I'll be there with a purpose. I think I'm more excited to spend a week with old Irvine folks than actually selling at my booth, but the idea of even having a booth there is still very surreal to me.
  2. Unique Los Angeles (5/2 - 5/3) -- Right after the vendor fair, Danni and I will be packing up and heading over to LA to set up our booths at Unique LA. It should be a pretty big event; it's held indoors at the California Market Center Penthouse and will be featuring over 275 artists and designers! So, save up your money kids. Here's the link for more info: http://uniquelosangeles.com/
And to set up for my future posts about the SD vendor fair, I received this adorable e-mail yesterday that I thought was worth sharing:

Steppie -

Hey! I purchased a Panda print and a Happy Birthday card from you at UCSD as gifts for my girlfriend and she absolutely loved them. Just wanted to let you know and say thanks for doing what you do. Your art is amazing and hope to see more of it in the future. Good luck and fortune.


Definitely made me smile. It's not everyday that I receive appreciation letters from people I meet at shows, so Brad's e-mail totally caught me off guard. In a very good way.

And in the words of Danni + Steps... "blog-worthy!"

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