19 May 2009

feature on iStudio;

While on my weekend away from home preparing for my alumni team's Culture Night performance and for my show at Patchwork, I got a sweet etsy convo from Mod3rnArt inviting me to be apart of her new art project called, iStudio. This is her concept for the project:

Its birth came from me being interested in where (studio/workshop) artists create their pieces. I want to create a sort of canvas of pictures from all over the world...

I took a peeksies at iStudio, and fell in love with the idea. I'm the nerd that's always flickr-ing studio space photos, and to compile them all on one page is a genius idea. And for the curious kind, it's always interesting to see where people create, and how the space they work in is usually art in itself.

The photo that got selected of my creative space:

Too bad it's not that clean anymore, and I now have a lot more on that little table -- Yudu machine, Gocco machine, and all the supplies and inks for them! The above photo inspires me though, I think it's time to tidy up my space. Project: Declutter.

Thank you, Mod3rnArt for featuring my creative space!


P.S. I will be adding new tote bags + messenger bags to my shop tonight! :)
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