25 May 2009


The weekend of Patchwork was pretty intense.

I had a performance with ChAOS the day prior;
ChAOS is the alumni team of CADC, the hip hop team I used to dance on in college. ChAOS gets together every year to put together a set (usually a mix of old school pieces and some new ones), and this year was my time to help coordinate the whole shindig... meaning the weeks leading up to our performance and Patchwork was... yes, pretty intense.

Before I continue on with the few photos I was able to grab from Patchwork, I want to take a little break from crafting to talk about my other passion: dancing. Well, dancing... with CADC/ChAOS. Before graduating, it was pretty much my life and my second family. While I don't spend endless nights in the parking structure practicing anymore, it's undeniable they'll always be like family. Not only was this my first year on ChAOS, but it also marked the FIFTEEN (or XV) YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF THE TEAM!


ChAOS before performing.

ChAOS w/ current team post-show.

If you feel like watching a lil' dancing, here's a video of our performance:

FYI: Britney Spears is played by our team's co-founder, Larry. Enjoy.


And on to Patchwork photos!

me + my ninja.

me + belinders.

brenton + anna liza + panda face tote;
she originally bought my tote at the uci vendor fair!

kathy + her new "tree carvings" original.

jannean + her new "bunny love" original!

Any artist knows how long it can take to sell originals, and to sell two originals at one show? Totally made my day! So, thank you, Kathy + Jannean! Those were two of my favorites, so I'm a little sad they're gone, but way more happy that they finally have new homes!

Alright, hope your memorial weekend is wrapping up nicely! Remember I'm having free domestic shipping (or 1/2 off international) + a free gift with every purchase until the end of today!


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