11 May 2009

uc irvine vendor fair: spring '09.

Exactly two weeks ago from today, I celebrated my 23rd birthday by driving down to the UC Irvine campus at six o'clock in the morning. I drove my Nissan Altima onto campus, unloaded my things, and took a minute to soak in exactly what was happening.

4.5 years ago, this place was foreign to me;
but it very soon became my second home.
4 years later, I'm now back home from college;
but I still consider it my second home.

So, it felt good to be on familiar grounds again. Only this time, I was fusing my new world with my past world... and it was definitely surreal.



Sometimes the days can get a bit long during a college vendor fair... mornings can start as early as six or seven and can end up being 12-hour days. Intense, I know. But with a comfy blue couch from a familiar place (thank you, Faigao), and familiar faces to constantly fill its seats, I was blessed to have the chance to mix work with a bit of play. I couldn't take photos of everyone that stopped by, but a big thank you to those that drove out to Irvine just to come hang out, and of course, even those that opted to stay at my booth instead of going to class.

1. Sonia, Charles, Rwang, Janice, and me; My self-proclaimed "models" for the week. Video of them posing in front of my booth coming soon! 2. The blue couch and its many friends; Work in front, play in back. 3. Koko; Shrimp chip break inbetween classes and midterms. 4. Jackie and me; Pleasant bump-in with an old high school friend! 5. Melanie, Domingo, Mark, Monica; Uh, my booth was pretty much the poppin' 'hang out' spot for CADC that week. 6. Louis, me, and Phantom; Fellow UCI and DC alums who came all the way from their Fullerton office to come and support. Thanks guys! 7. Jilly Beans and I; Epsilon. Period. 8. Me... and creepy Charles; The purpose of this photo, I'm not too sure. You'll have to ask Charles about that one.


Overall, probably the most amazing week I've ever experienced while working. Crazy enough, my week didn't end at the vendor fair, as Danni and I drove out to Los Angeles on Friday to set up for Unique LA. Yup, that means the work didn't stop in Irvine. That following Saturday and Sunday I set up shop in LA, and had an amazing weekend to top off the week. Because this post is so photo heavy already, I'll update about Unique Los Angeles in a future post...

Until then, a big thank you to everyone that helped me that week. Morris, for being so helpful throughout the week despite your busy schedule with studying, interviews, and competitions. I heart you so much! Happy birthday, by the way. ;) Danni, for being an amazing 'partner-in-crime.' With a 10'x20', it was like we had our own booths, but I definitely couldn't have done it without your companionship. And all the friends that stopped by throughout the week! From DC heads, present and past, to old Sierra fams... I still remember when I was just starting out and was hesitant to let any of you know about my etsy shop because I was embarrased and scared about what you all would think. Now, a half a year later, you guys have become my biggest supporters, and have become the drive that keeps me going and keeps me dreaming. Thank you for being so inspiring, and for letting me share this experience with you.

And on a lighter note, my tees and tanks can finally be purchased online! An official photoshoot will be happening soon, but in the meantime... grab a tee for yourself, send me photos of you wearing it, and you may just be featured on my blog!

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