02 June 2009

paper delight:

Today, I was caught indulging in a guilty pleasure:


I traded for these (absolutely) amazing books on etsy, and the lovely little package finally popped up in my mailbox today! They completely fulfill my love for the feel of paper and my nerdy obsession with typography. Yum!

The 'Helvetica' books are by SeaLemon,
and completely bounded by her two hands!

I had a little obsession with bookmaking a while back--I even bought my own Japanese Screw Punch (that is now collecting dust)--and because I don't think I'll be making any books to sell anytime soon,
it will continue to be a craft I simply admire.

Ah, once again: an etsy trade I do not regret! Thank you, SeaLemon!


Then I found myself at Target today (trouble);
and ended up leaving with this:

...simply because I love dressing up my etsy orders in color.


And as promised, yes folks - another Steppie giveaway!

But this time, on Danni's lovely blog:

...and what's one of the items up for grabs?

Oh, just a little "I Am A Ninja" tote. :)

I recommend giving the giveaway a shot (you have up to five chances!): not only is $275 worth of handmade items at stake, but everything is absolutely lovely! Good luck!

Happy 1 year blog-iversary, Danni! Love you, girl!

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