04 June 2009

put a (panda) ring on it:

i love simple accessories;
and i love pandas.

so it was finally time:

the 'panda face' ring is now in my shop!

he's mounted onto a scrabble tile,
and sits comfortably on a ring base.

he's adjustable;
and can fit most very easily!

i'm wearing my own little panda right now,
and i can't stop smiling.

panda face no longer needs to be left at home;

he'll be your best friend,
he'll accompany you on your adventures.

he might even attract a little attention,
but he'll always make sure you're not lonely!

the rings were a collaboration with spontaneousdots;
she's awesome + her work is amazing!

'panda face' rings are available in my etsy shop!

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