09 November 2009

a little hello:

so, i realize i haven't posted in a long time;
but apparently my blog was getting spammed
(no worries though - i got that under control! hehe).

to explain my absence, i've basically decided to retire my blog a bit & transition over to facebook. i'm glad to say i'm very happy over there & am currently celebrating hitting 1,000+ fans on facebook (among other things -- 1,000 sales on etsy & launching my new fall/winter line)!

so thought it wouldn't hurt to make a little mini update on my blog, just in case there's a few souls out there still watching out for updates. in any case, i really recommend you come on over & become a fan on facebook for all updates, exclusive deals, and of course, giveaways (which is going on right now!).

link to facebook fan page:

and as mentioned, i'm holding a giveaway at the moment;
feel free to enter (it closes on tuesday, 11/10!):

& take a moment to peek at my new fall/winter line:

until next time, hope to see some of your old faces transitioning over to my fan page as well -- i promise, it's a lot of fun over there. ;)


09 August 2009

facebook giveaway contest!

i love my blog.
but it does take quite a commitment.
which equates to my procrastination,
and long hiatus breaks.

don't worry;
i'm not leaving you.

just giving you another option to stay in touch:
my facebook fan page. (:

become a fan,
and get immediate updates on what i'm up to,
things i'm working on, shows i'm involved in,
and of course, exclusive deals + freebies.

like this one:
steppie's facebook giveaway!


you could win:
a steppie tee,
steppie art print,
or panda face ring!

good luck!


31 July 2009

breaking the silence:

first off, i haven't blogged since pre-renegade los angeles,
(which was fabulous + amazing by the way),
and wanted to drop by quickly to say hello.

i have so much to update on;
but in the meantime,
a sneak peek:

new designs i've been working on!

i'm really excited about them,
and they'll be making their debut in my shop very soon!


09 July 2009

storque feature + renegade los angeles:

i woke up this morning,
checked my gmail inbox,
causally clicked on my 'etsy finds' email,

and then saw this...

before realizing it was an article about renegade la,
i flipped out.

and lookie:

my very first photo feature on an etsy storque article!

read it here.

and on that note, this weekend is renegade los angeles!
wootwoot -- my second big show at the california market center!

i hope to see some familiar faces + some new faces there!
stop by and say hi! i'll be at booth 109 near the info booth,
sharing the space with my partner in crime, danni.

this was just the push i needed to get through
these last two days of preparation;
wish me luck!


06 July 2009


i've been wanting this for a while now;
but before a week ago, wasn't sure when it would manifest.

well, it's here.

(click image above to enter)

to celebrate my shop's one year anniversary;
i finally have my own domain and website:


fyi, all shopping will still be done through etsy;
but thesteppie.com will be our new home.

what you can find at my new website:
a little bit about me;
work portfolio;
clothing lookbook;
steppie gear in action;
and all the links you'll ever need.

so, take the time to explore,
bookmark it + let me know what you think.



29 June 2009

done and done.

tasks completed for the morning:
oil change, check.
dentist appointment, check.
reaching my etsy june goal, check!

the last one DEFINITELY beats the rest!

seeing as how next month marks
the one year anniversary of my etsy shop...
all i wanted was to start off my second year
with a nice pretty number.

so, thank you.


28 June 2009


the photos are finally in!

i've been working hard getting everything together,
and i've got so many new goodies to share!


one i'm very excited about:
behind-the-scenes video montage
by christina jung(le)


take note, jungle took it upon herself to do this on a whim the day of the shoot, so while the vids are taken from a point and shoot camera, it's still beyond amazing. thank you!


and on the topic of thank yous, a huge thank you to everyone that took part in making my very first photoshoot possible! the idea of even having a photoshoot seemed unlikely in my world, but thanks to amazing friends (and amazingly hot friends, at that), they showed me it was possible.

from having to chase down red balloons, almost getting in trouble for 'trespassing,' calling for favors when we were one man down, and devouring a whole bucket of chicken wings (but leaving the monster sandwich for raffy to take home like a starving child), it was pretty much an amazing day. and like i said before, i didn't have to do much at all. with all the natural talent that was there that day (in front of and behind the camera), i just sat back and let the magic happen.

time to give credit where credit is due;

sylvia 'chigs' gunde

christina jung(le)

addison o'connor
christina jung(le)
jenny ting
sabiy rose lau
noah henderson
raffy piamonte
robert tsai
rwang pam


and with new photos, means new listing updates!
they definitely bring these tees to life!

view them here: steppie's tees.


coming soon:
more photos, a lookbook, and a mock website?!

stay tuned!