09 November 2009

a little hello:

so, i realize i haven't posted in a long time;
but apparently my blog was getting spammed
(no worries though - i got that under control! hehe).

to explain my absence, i've basically decided to retire my blog a bit & transition over to facebook. i'm glad to say i'm very happy over there & am currently celebrating hitting 1,000+ fans on facebook (among other things -- 1,000 sales on etsy & launching my new fall/winter line)!

so thought it wouldn't hurt to make a little mini update on my blog, just in case there's a few souls out there still watching out for updates. in any case, i really recommend you come on over & become a fan on facebook for all updates, exclusive deals, and of course, giveaways (which is going on right now!).

link to facebook fan page:

and as mentioned, i'm holding a giveaway at the moment;
feel free to enter (it closes on tuesday, 11/10!):

& take a moment to peek at my new fall/winter line:

until next time, hope to see some of your old faces transitioning over to my fan page as well -- i promise, it's a lot of fun over there. ;)

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