18 July 2008

101 hearts in 10 days!

Yup, that's right kids - my Etsy shop has been open for exactly 10 days, and as of a couple of minutes ago, I have exceeded 100 hearts (101 to be exact!)!

For anyone not too familiar with Etsy, adding "hearts" means adding your favorite sellers (or items) to a special list that is tucked away so you can access and find them easily later. I don't know how long it usually takes to receive 100+ hearts on Etsy... but being a little over a week old, and receiving so much love from potential buyers and fellow sellers...

Well, I couldn't have asked for more.

Comment & leave me feedback: how important are "hearts" to you?


6 xoxo's:

Ann said...

Congratulations! I think these are well deserved because you have great work.

I only have 7 hearts, but it's ok because I haven't listed too much.

Hearts, to me, aren't necessarily important. I'd rather have someone buy something, of course. But, I do like it when I get one!

Anonymous said...

wow that's incredible!!
great job :)

Anonymous said...

and i just added one more :)

Retro Eighties said...

Congratulations on your 101 hearts... I am off to heart your shop! I love your graphics on your items! :-)


AshleyBug Designs said...

Congrats! Hearts are important to me, because they are a reminder that other people like my work too! I hope you have continued success!

Paper Girl Productions said...

Awesome! Yes, hearts are important to me, same as ashleybug designs says. Its a great feeling to know people enjoy my work.