20 August 2008

a little piece of nature.

I've been applying for a few craft fairs and shows lately (wish me luck!), and each time am asked to write a couple sentences to describe myself and my craft.

Now, that's never an easy thing to answer in a couple sentences.
Especially considering how many different mediums I love to experiment with - I can never stick with just one thing! This truly shows every time I step foot into an art store (dangerous territory for my wallet), as I walk out each time with new goodies, new materials, new ideas...

It's honestly a horrible addiction and I really am working on cutting down my trips to the craft store... but my point is: how do you describe what it is you do and what your style is in just a couple of words?

I think I was able to best manage by saying:
"My work is basically a physical representation and extension of my embarrassing addiction to arts and craft making. While my medium of focus tends to be acrylic painting, I also love to dabble my toes into new exciting mediums, such as mixed media, paper goods, and the use of fabrics and other unique materials. I am greatly inspired by nature, birds, and forest creatures... and love to add my own modern, yet out-of-the-box, twist on everything I touch."

And so... that inspiration with the nature and trees and forest creatures?
Well, it has managed to strike again!


"Into the Woods" is the first in my wood series. A little piece of nature, is what I like to call it. I love the use of silhouettes to create this little world. The different colors (a beautiful Tropical Bay Blue and Black) create depth, and the adorable deer found in the distance? Who knows where the little creature is going... Is he lost? Is he returning back to his family? This is for you to decide.

My favorite part about painting on wood was the inspiration that it gave me alone by just the surface I got to work with - the wood is smoothed down, and the edges of the plank? Definitely a special treat... looks straight out of nature!

I hope to work again with this new surface - I am open to any suggestions you may have!

+ To see more photos and view the listing: "Into the Woods"
+ To view my Etsy shop: steppie.etsy.com


On another note, this week has been a very exciting one:

(1) I just switched over, and have joined the Macbook family! Macbook Pro, to be exact. It has been something I have been meaning to do, and let's hope that this investment will only improve my business and craft!

(2) As of yesterday afternoon, my blog has reached over 1000+ views!

Special thanks to the Raffster (aka DJ RPM) for the screen print! Got it exactly at the 1,000 mark (I don't know if you can see it, but it's shown at the bottom of the right hand side).

I'm thrilleed! Thank you for all the support and for visiting my blog - it's good to know someone's reading it!

Anyhoot - I will be updating soon with future craft events I am planning to be apart of (or at least those that I have heard from so far!). In addition, I have a lot of goodies coming in this week. Which only means one thing: more blog posts and features!

And more goodies in the mailbox? Can't beat that feeling.

Happy blogging!


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