03 September 2008

the art zoo.

Good thing for Google Alerts, because I just found another one of my items featured on a blog!

This time on a photoblog featuring handmade products by independent artisans and crafters, called The Art Zoo!


The snapshot:

Thank you so much, The Art Zoo! You can find the link to the entry here.


In other news, there are TONS of things going on for me this week.

  1. Preparing for an open home boutique, which will take place on Saturday, September 13th! Come out if you're in the OC area! It should be tons of fun. Aside from the other fabulous vendors selling their excellent goods (art, jewelry, bags, make-up, and even cookies!), there will be free taste testing, snacks, refreshments, and raffles frequently throughout the day! :)
  2. Preparing for my sister's friend's baby shower this coming Saturday. I'm helping my sister with preparing some of the decorations and activities, so that should be exciting!
  3. And, of course, stocking up on new inventory like a crazy woman...
Some of my new little babies?
"Flight" wooden framed mirrors, cute clothespins, tote bags, more journals, more paintings, more buttons, and so, so much more! I've been resisting from putting these goodies on my Etsy shop because I want to save them for my show on the 13th. But I'll take some time out to post them on my blog so you can see my new projects!

Anyhoot... back to work! Leave your comments. :) They keep me going!


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